The Importance of a Perfect Hot Tub Shell

by Apr 25, 2024

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When searching for your ideal spa model, it’s hard to ignore the beautiful colors and textures of diverse hot tub shells. Although a shell’s aesthetic can create a brilliant first impression, its true value is in the support and longevity it offers your spa. In this article, we will outline the importance of selecting a durable, yet aesthetically pleasing spa shell, in order to perfectly enhance your hot tubbing experience.

First and foremost, it’s important to know why your shell is important. It may be common sense that your shell helps to protect your hot tub’s internal elements, but not all shells are built the same. When you place over 1000 liters of hot water into the shell of a spa for multiple years, it’s no surprise that many shells buckle and crack under the extensive pressure. However, this is an issue that Arctic Spas® decided to tackle head on. We have chosen to employ thick fiberglass backing on our shells, ensuring unbeatable strength and support for your spa. In fact, we are so confident in our fiberglass backed durability, we have included a lifetime warranty on our Custom series’ spa shells. Fiberglass provides an impermeable, incredibly strong support system, eliminating the need for beams or excessive insulation to cradle your hot tub shell.

So, if we know that fiberglass is the ideal support material for your spa’s shell, why doesn’t every hot tub manufacturer include it in their models? Simply put, fiberglass application is a costly and strenuous process, deterring most businesses from utilizing it. Instead, these companies rely on support from ridgid beams and foam filled cabinets to uphold their shells. Although this may sound like a suitable alternative to fiberglass, the employment of beams can create a puncture hazard for your spa’s shell, especially if it is unbacked and built out of plastic (as many shells are). Additionally, foam insulation prevents the transfer of heat from your spa‘s internal components to its water, and vice versa. This heat transfer decreases energy consumption, and helps your hot tub’s internal elements remain frost free in the case of power loss. Sadly, many spas design their shells out of necessity as opposed to ingenuity, forgoing open cabinet spaces and fiberglass backing.

Another important factor to consider, is the fact that not all fiberglass shells are built the same. In some instances, manufacturers have discovered the benefits of fiberglass, but have chosen to dilute their mixtures in order to save on cost. This diluted mixture compromises a shell’s integrity, leaving it vulnerable to collapse and buckling.

Although there are numerous ways to save money in the pursuit of spa ownership, attempting to do so through sacrificing the structural integrity of your hot tub will only lead to future problems down the line. Your spa’s shell should offer the perfect combination of support and aesthetic appeal, which Arctic Spas® is proud to offer in every model.

Shawn Paterson

Shawn Paterson

When I joined Arctic Spas® in 2019, I found a new home within the company, and a new family amongst my peers. Now, I am fortunate enough to help all of our Arctic Spas® dealerships across Eastern Canada. When I’m not traveling for work or for fun, you can usually find me on my gaming computer playing this month's newest release!