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7 Hot Tub Games for all Ages

by | Oct 23, 2020

Your hot tub is more than a water feature, it is a place where family and friends gather, relax, enjoy each other’s company and to disconnect from the world. Enhance your family hot tub parties or for an evening of fun with the adults by adding spa game accessories like a hand of cards or a game of checkers. Also fun are interactive games like Outbreak or Hot Tub Hockey.

To help make your hot tub game night as easy as possible, here are 7 family hot tub games for all ages:



Outbreak begins with five ping pong balls placed in the hot tub. The goal is to not get touched by any of the balls. Players move around the hot tub and avoid being touched by the balls while feet remain on the bottom at all times. If a ball touches one of the players, they must get out of the hot tub until there is nobody left standing.
You can adjust the difficulty by adding more or fewer balls at the start of the game and increase the difficulty by throwing in more balls every time someone is out.


Rubber Duck Race

Players race to the finish to get their duck to the opposing team’s side first without using their hands. You can blow, push, or splash your duck, as long as it doesn’t involve your hands.


Hot Tub Hockey

To play hockey you first need to start with two teams and one floating object to act as the puck. The players try to make the puck touch the opposing team’s wall without the other team touching the puck. You can push, blow, or splash your duck but touching is prohibited. Set a score or time limit and continue playing until one team wins.


Who Is it?

To play who is it. One person thinks of a family member, celebrity, or someone in the hot tub and the other plays ask yes or no questions to figure out who they’re thinking of. The person who guessed correctly now gets to think of a name.


Dance Or Get Out

Dance or Get Out is a simple and fun game to play that adds a bit of exercise. At any time any of the players can yell “it’s time to dance!” and everyone has to get up and dance. The last person to get up then has to get out of the hot tub and dance alone for five minutes, in chillier climates they can remain in the hot tub and dance carefully to not slip and fall.


Balloon Pop

Balloon Pop starts with filling a balloon with ice water and filling it as full as possible without popping it. The players will sit on the edge of the hot tub. Begin passing the balloon in a clockwise direction, each player pausing and holding it above their head for 10 seconds. Eventually, the balloon will pop declaring the loser with a nice cold shower.


Pass the Bottle

Pass the bottle is a simple multiplayer game. All you need to do is fill one plastic bottle with water. Each player takes turns passing the bottle around the hot tub without using your hands. Using body parts such as your elbow or neck to pass the water bottle without dropping it. The player who drops the bottle is now out and the game restarts.

No matter which game you play first, your friends and family are sure to have a splashing good time! Having fun in the hot tub is easy with an Arctic Spas® Hot Tub, just remember to implement basic water safety, too. These hot tub games are just the start of the many enjoyable family moments with your family in your hot tub. Still trying to find the best hot tub? Plan a visit to your local Arctic Spas® showroom near you today.